Collaborate with your group

  • Project Overview: can join your next group meeting to share information about story sharing: the power of storytelling, how to create a story and an overview of
  • Storytelling Facilitation: If your group needs a little coaching or a little technical support this would be a great stepping-stone to support storytelling.
  • Story coaching – working with volunteer story facilitators we can help your group shape stories to share with
  • Technical support – supports capturing stories by supplying and operating a video camera, microphone, editing and uploading stories to share stories with
  • Story Building Workshop Hosted by David Roche and Marlena Blavin: Pairing with storytelling experts to create a safe place to share stories. Participants would get hands on experience building and sharing a story as well as the option to then share the stories online with Workshops are tailored to each group so please contact us for more information.
  • Live Storytelling: If you would like support to host a storytelling event big or small we would be happy to discuss!

Call for Artists

We are always looking for media and visual artists who are interested in collaborating with storytellers to help capture their story. Working with storytellers you will identify visuals methods and supports to share stories.

Dreaming Admidst the Gaps Sandra Polushin

Practical skills in area of interest:

  • Filmmaking: means to capture video, sound, editing and ability to output video
  • Photography: means to capture and edit photos
  • Animators: means to create animation in any area of interest (2D, 3D or experimental) edit, capture audio and ability to output video
  • Visual Artist: means to capture essence of stories using a variety of mediums as well as the ability to document work to share online.